Sunday, July 4, 2010


You can travel through soul
You can travel through light
You can come over to my seperate corner, whenever you like
I'll be waiting for you with arms wide open

With love that has more than spoken
You can just drive and drive
Yeah! drive the survival out of your tired eyes
Just imagine our dreams coming alive

Waiting for time to pass
So I can see you at last
When the pains come and gone
We can't both, be wrong

You'll find me where I've always been
Just believing in hope
That needs to be seen
If you feel used and abused

And you feel like someone's fool
Don't worry I've been there
I can show you all the drills
No need to run and hide

Because I'll bing the magic, out of your eyes
Like an obsession, I need to touch you tonight
So I can drive your depression out and make you fight
Showing you, your courage isn't needed

When your strength is created
You can breathe my air and touch my imaginary hair
And you can see, how great this love can be
Like that lonesome dove my friend

Some love can be better than none
I'll lie awake and listen for your sound
To come to me from all around

Copyright Wendy Brady


  1. Dear Wendy, First of all I love the way you write, second; Welcome to your page I designed it especially for you, I hope you like it. You can post here or on any one of the blogs accept for Total Recovery or Highways of the mind. If you have videos to post them on Writer Within. Most of your magic can be posted on Poetry Our Way. Put animal stories on Animal Stories, Westerns on Western Stories and so on. If you have pictures to put on your photo show send them to me and I'll add them. Send me the name of your favorite song so I can find a better recording for your music. I'm glad you are here and I'll help you anyway that I can. LOL, BDC

  2. Wendy,
    I truly enjoyed reading your poem of inviting love in 'Separate Corners.' You are a delightful writer. Thank you for sharing your poetry with me and everyone else. I love your design on your page.
    tamm0449 Tamara Lesley

  3. I felt you had the wish someone would come back, but he of course is not the best, and there can always be someone that is worth an illusion again.