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Love Renewed With A Million Smiles' by: Wendy Brady

Dearest Daddy Of Elation - Love Renewed With A Million Smiles by WENDY JOY BRADY

Dearest Daddy Of Elation

Dearest Daddy

I wake graciously sound with so much sparkling art, sublime in my head. The sight and timely acceptance of so much talent, is to be believed. I think how, morning's spreading gift comes to thee. Holds thee exact like a great God moment received. Thy invincible heart laughs, continuous, as it beats such a sprightly deliverance. So much fragile significance in this morning's love. The way it flutters sound and complete. Oh! Daddy, splendid hour, sings deep like a blossoming flower. Bright and fresh Daddy, so as to endeavour to answer all questions, that remain in thy soul. Gladly spirited, thy hear the birds of play simple but realised in grown simplicity. I call on my primal instincts to admire, gratefully, the soothing delight. Yes! Daddy, the strength harboured and softly spoke. The sunken in quality's remembered calm. The fortitude breathing like a mother's, exquisite lullaby. If you are partaking of this future banquet, this phenomenal sensation. You will have great gains, genuine instinct staying with you , an eternity to believe and to become.

Dearest Daddy, the loving tenderness of illustrious light of reasoning, smothering, whilst channeling honour strong. Oh! Daddy, the light seeping into one's asking breath, pleased. Oh! the Faith Daddy, it is enormously moving, demonstratively moving. One after another thy thoughts escape. Graciously Daddy, much like a pulse charmed by pride. The rarest touch Daddy, is felt like a perfect indulgence. Felt together, sweeter, Daddy, integrating thoughts edging there way, inviting life in. Oh, Daddy these feelings and actions, relishing in a true self moment admired. Company and fulfilling love like Spring's wise. Potentially alive, moving described, yes! Daddy, possible and on fire.

Dearest Daddy, spreading this dream upon day, liberates thee. As thy eyes widen to the thick array of beauty defending, deep from within. Oh! Daddy, the music of rising freedom means so much to thee, how it greets, my cleansed part. The overwhelming magical expression circles like an increased opinion. Thy feel as though no fear can dampen thy righteous name. The way thy world advances forth in glory's applause, is insane. It's just so breathtakingly enormous, delicious in every sense. The mood, the sun, the climb of change, I know I've already won. The highest peak, the summit Daddy, of wellness speaks. It's as if thy have eagle sight like self discovery revived. The pleasure Daddy, how it is intriguingly observed. Serene enough to surprise and make one twirl, in a system of accomplished success. Oh! Daddy, the wing span surmounting all sides of the sky. Seeing Daddy the whole appeal glide. The pure bliss Daddy, such a willing desire approved. Oh! Daddy, the wide, spreading breath of time. So down to earth with smart thinking, the way it converses with chill bound senses and lives. Lives with time.

Dearest Daddy, solemnly knowing how overwhelming rooted, one is, to this earth's power. This pen of freedom Daddy writes, as if permitted like a freeing influence, without the sacrifice. This spirit floats before thee, in a merciful silence Daddy, but Daddy, the way it hovers. Thy pierce its sound with thy authentic quiet. Eye-balling its mastery as the reflected, ripened joy penetrates thy hearts voyage. Oh! Daddy, extremely fair, it's prime buds of eternal voice, increase divine and immaculately describe the love wholesome. Oh! Daddy, the searching romance, virtually now peaks. Meagre like it has roamed precise, into thy bubbling vicinity. Blossoming peace filters fancy, as thy world blushes like a wild, wind dancing almighty. Where's the way out Daddy, is it back? Thy will soars. Soars, as if it is collecting morning dew's acceptance. Showing gumption and pulling together, the burly comfort tasting dew, that immediately grew, mentally combined, flowing divine.

Dearest Daddy, the tall golden, honey rays of sun burst and break open. The window's champion reflection, leaping and clasping the skin's yearning with it's adoring glow. Oh! Daddy, the eager awaiting promise, brooded over, is like fire, churning into images core resemblance. Yes! Daddy, burning a sufficient flame of trumpet baring capacity like a flaring velocity in the face of need. Those once humongous, frightening tears hardly ever heard. Now retire, Daddy, to become lessons. Ceremonies, reaching out sculptured once again, brand new. The renewed held response adorning all love, like chance; breathing it's own knighted crown. The voices in dreams Daddy, predicting happy reconciliations. The weeping, haunting anxious now, dissolving and becoming a flattered omen of fresh momentum. Birds with broken wings recovering like the sweetest second mentioned. More tender, more tendered.

Dearest Daddy, out went the feeble privacy, the solitude's death. The fright, the worry, the gossip, the sorrowing and in its place a flight of wellness governs. All that nervous energy, now a mission of confident healing. A hand touching healing like that experienced with a priestess, positively alive. Prepared Daddy, awesome, guided, independently appealing. Endless promises, Daddy like that new lease of life. Feelings Daddy, feelings matured. Trust in the heart like a vision, gentler than prayer, cosy in companionship, alive in care. Oh! Daddy the boisterous heard breath, now like a crimson sunset gathered in and keenly confessed. Where is it happening? The rich, revived tone, loosens time. Oh! Daddy, it wakes one like a star has shone away all the dark. As if life, has been saved in a gigantic spark. The precious love, life's precious possession has been saved by an ethereal beginning. The steadfast presence Daddy of love grazing. Dreamily positioned with green fields. Rows of vines full of ripened grapes, juicy with beauty and distinction like forthcoming prosperity, with all guns a blazing, luscious and quaint. The cream of the crop sensation like pure morning moments, dedicated in a bloated essence of trembling vows nurtured. Oh! Daddy, charities human decency, flows; tender-shaken in patient realnesses stride.

Dearest Daddy, as if the key of shared shine has been turned, in the enlightened door. With the means to overcome all burdens. That one brave smile indicated turns in to; a million. A price of excellence, intimately given. Prominent like a river flowing Daddy, forgiven. A glazed pride, fair in all of yesterday's forgiveness. This new day Daddy, this happiness lingering well. It cannot wait. Not a vibrant minute for you Daddy, for you and all of your followers. It should of been here, already, a half, an hour ago. To single out the season's kiss of appreciation. To kiss someone Daddy in a dream, whether it be Autumn, changing with colours. Winter, surprising with snowflakes. Spring alive with turning, goodness and life. Or Summer warm enough to holiday and survive. This Daddy, is why, the dream of perseverance, becomes your progressing simple. To feel how it shelters one's unique part. Whether your wishes and ideas flow out or in, left, harrowing right, forward or back. That lonely noise in the dark, the stillest realm of night. Wandering beyond, lost without a sign. That wish was welcomed back in height, in song. For amongst the stars, the delicate clusters, the generous glistening structure. Not to forget the bright meadow blooms was a singing voice, that would never become marooned.

Dearest Daddy, in the cleansing sunshine of towered kind. The reward was there, a oneness crowned. Absolutely fathered and found. Mercy and grace never taken back, instead awake. Yes! Daddy awake; like your full, aligned face finding an Angel blessed, to help you create life. The courage Daddy, sang, when your enchanted haste rang. The moon curved its portion of light like sincerity. Fascinatingly it placed its beam, to fall upon you. Yes! Daddy, this resting night, to sweeten you Daddy. To wake you. Survive your plight, uplift that broken recline. With enough action to stretch, welcoming a recline on silk cushions. To see and feel the cushions and to pulsate your ocean of commencement to infinity's shrine. Oh! Daddy, the moon's creed was flaming in truth. It was full of ambition Daddy, there were no delusions. The all natural glow, thick skin was full with meaning. So your share of light had reconciling worth to dare. Yes! Daddy, dare yourself with thick exuberance to go there. To risk the heights of mystic wonder. Where you'll know your own thunder. Giddy Daddy, with this pounding, thumping will of alliance and fully fledged structure. Choosing Daddy, celebrating passion to make your love matter. Yes! Daddy, break forth gallantly, to sail Daddy, yonder in performing worth. Eager with dignity and skills like glittering knowing, found. You Daddy, have the pure sailor, alive mind, in complete control. You have the steering wheel solid, ease procured. Gone is the faint hearted, you, Daddy, now with the winning ground. The earth and hope soundly bound. Massive meaning, to make it, a new, bigger, Gospel Chorus Sound. To want it Daddy, want it like never before heard. Cried for Daddy, almost died for, the keen mind seen.

Dearest Daddy, seeing, hearing, finding awareness of this love like a spice with many tastes. The textures of completeness your fun attributes. At last Daddy, you have mastered the past blame. Now listen Daddy for there is no shame, just bells of mystery, completing the puzzle, bells of lightning sky. Discharged beauty for you to reel in, you the hero without to many questions why. The milky way love, the fragrance of heaven to come home to you. The warmth Daddy, bleeding into your veins, enchanting you. The warmth of love this very day of July, past the middle road and forging towards the Christmas glow, the giving show. This bright morning flame, emotional journey insane, just for this minute is ingrained. The way it broadens your mind, to search out, to give to you all the newness. Eliminating the negativity, the denial. No more crutch Daddy, no more angry pursuit, labouring in vain. Just a spontaneous new release of smitten self, rolling along good, as new like a magic sun. Positivity recreating elements that will lead you to this climaxing situation. When one love dies, Daddy, a pure soul, a body of unique wilting. Another love replaces, returns as it is applied. Yes! Daddy, another love soars, flys with pride.

Dearest Daddy, for while you're living Daddy, in your glory's driven, spectacular height. Better known as your best. Love will be given to you like a leaf falling, floating from the tree to the ground. It can take forever if you're sound. The oneness of creation, the oneness of elation. Will allow your heart to cheer, without the heaviness, without the fear. Yes! Daddy, that blacked-out, dull state will disappear. The joy of this victory, this morning, will revive you like learning a song, miraculous all over again. Life shining in aspiration's wholesomeness due. The morning dew, Daddy, the dew, it comes for you. To give you something new. It comes for you to walk upon its immediate desire and gather you up, in its essence, its real fire. The fire of recreating strength, the experience intense, all that once critical thought is relaxed and life is commenced. So your life shall be quenched in a release that is at last accepted. Yes! Daddy, at last understood and excepted.

Dearest Daddy, until we talk again, bathe in every gifted sun, for the warmth will carry on.

Love Always

Your Precious Daughter of Poetic Make

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