Sunday, July 25, 2010

Knowledge's Pure Gift by; Wendy Brady

Knowledge...everywhere we look
The heart of learning, can't be mistook
All the good reasoning, surprises our eyes
The new born butterfly, soars so high
Around the garden of verses, where trumpet's play
Stars have gone but the blueness of creation is a fixed song
Such a sensational array, the sun shines, piercing the skin
Deep with its kind positioning and rewarding grin
Soul's diamond light, sufacing, shining bright
No-one here to criticise the passion's indepth plight
The day's unique voice, paralysed by beauty thought
Creating a posture of kindness like duty sought
Standing tall, in a real life scene of evermore
Ears...graciously picking up, all sounds of immaculate life
A pure landscape of star studded brilliance survives
Watching, how the future echoes and equally sings
To thy ability like a remembered Queen or King


  1. What you know really matters And the more you know the further you'll go. Learning is knowledge and knowledge is success. Your words are words of wisdom written arithmetically with divine guidance. I really like your written words. LOL, BDC

  2. My dearest friend Wendy. We have become so close like blood kin sisters, withoutthe cut of a knife. This poem is such a delight to read. It runs so effortlessly and smoothly on the page, with thoughtful and sublime wisdom shared here. Thank you my friend so dear. I'm so glad we found each other over so many miles.
    Love Always,
    Ivy ~

  3. Hi Wendy: A nice poem and a lot of thinking when reading! Not so easy to grasp to knowledge though, we may need repeating several times, my daughters used to say: The coin slid now... ha ha