The Man of The Hour

The Man Of The Hour - BigDaddyCash
Happiness is the way he breathes
Endless passion and creative thought inspires thee

Mysteriously... I can only describe him the way I see him
Astronomical in every aspect of love
Noble and forthright to his WEbook companions

Outrageously divine in his writing technique
Famous to all for the wisdom he speaks

Teachers all... like the grace of the stars
Headstrong in decisions... with no holds barred
Embraces life with complete heavenly duty

Handsome and strong with a gift of purity
Over the moon with ideas and surety
Unity alive in this man's dreams
Radiant like the warmth of our son of man's gleam

Brilliantly free to roam the pinnacles of time
Interesting enough to make up a rhyme
Glorious in... that he is definitely big in loyalty

Deadly in foreseeing all future mistakes
Adorable in depth... always willing to give than take
Delightful in the sense of tomorrows debate
Dominate in the role of organising the greats
Young at heart like the gold that lines his traits

Courageous in the way he protects everyone
Admirable in his soul that effects the world's sun
Special in so many different circumstances of fun
Honourable to all... that get to meet him in human instances