Dearest Daddy Of Elation

Dearest Daddy Of Elation - Power Of Love

Dearest Daddy, He brought of his followers a brash new world. Kept in a grave of silence. Shown nothing special to appeal to his undiscovered senses. Oh, Daddy, he climbed, yes! he climbed a mountain and wept. He could not hold himself up, to the light of the stars. "Have whatever you like", was only a dream of his suppressed world. Why had he been chosen to stand out, if he couldn't understand his own equality? "Let me go", was his command. Let me see my own universe. Let me draw into thee and feel its familiarity. Let me be a oneness with it, that I can confess. I am estranged by its sound, its pureness, its dignified trace on thee. Yes! Daddy, let me walk within it, knowing feeling love of its response. Let me breathe into its courageous flow. Oh, Daddy, let me acknowledge, that it is a world that I inspire. Let me honestly believe in thy sun, thy moon, thy stars of genius unity. Oh! Daddy, let thee inhabit the breeze, thy wind, thy trees of nature's divine song.

Dearest Daddy, let thee hold on to thy world of love. Thy world of light and Daddy, with this love, light up, the rest of thy eternal life. Daddy, to love in a quest of life, so believed, so colourful to receive. To feel Daddy, thy sun, bleed its warmth to associate with thy lasting emotion. To prosper in thy awake of divine love. To search thyself for answers of life's futile command. To run in waters of intelligence, to seek thy wisdom that is already sent. To aspire to freedom of choice and expression. To find ones own branch of equality, that will light thy way, Oh, Daddy, to believe in more than ones, eyes can devour. To see past thy white omen clouds. To know Daddy, why you are chosen to be on this peaceful earth. To be enclosed in love, so pure. Thy light reaches all areas of discovery. He will clothe us now in all aspects of truth. So we can shed our own wisdom on these sky's.

Dearest Daddy, to feel thy glory, an breathe air. That is not gray, but alive with his word. To know on this search from sea to sea, you will find an open breeze. That will allow you to unfold many facts. Yes! Daddy, that will strengthen your will to demonstrate a gentle nature. Which has been hidden since the beginning. Arise all and feast your eyes, on this tree of life. Yes! Daddy, touch its beauty, feel its strength. See, Daddy, its greatness. Believe in its height of Majesties and know in all fact, it is here for a reason. In all its glory, Daddy, taste its fruit of forgiveness. Put away all the strangeness you feel and command yourself to feel, your power of love. This love is you. Oh, yes! Daddy, it is upon your decision, that you feel this happy. To know the joy of this moment is to bleed into its desire. We are who we want to aspire. Our visions, are our worldliness. Our love Daddy, our future companionship. We are the champion breed, we are the pick of the crop, our hope, is our lingual language. It assists us, in our productive life.

Dearest Daddy, with our humane creativity. Our peace and love, ventures out, into a world that obeys the heart. So Daddy, as not to fear another. We have this beauty instilled. We have its grandeur within. We are the art of our beautiful response. We are thy talent our minds display. We are thy creative ingenuity, we were destined to be. We must reach Daddy, higher than our mind's dictate. Yes! Daddy, we must travel into our selves to summons, our own journey of essential dreams. Time has come Daddy, to understand thy vicinity of our minds. We must now accomplish thy test, we have been given to understand our authority. We must believe in our own quest and be surprised by all that is blessed.

Little girl lost in the heart
Oceans of pain, tear her apart
Tears flow a stream of fear
Sorrow's memories, wander so near
She's forgotten today's true sound
There's no true happiness to be found
She walks on with bleak bones
Never awake with dreams to own
All her smiles are lost, from her frowns
Renewed path won't shine like the sun
Jealousy's horror has brought her undone
Blossoms in the garden, see only a cold war
And her song of reason, she can't face to adore
All she can do is watch how her world escapes
And that innocent truth
Hides, in a storm with no real truce to partake

A lifetime of fortunateness
His eyes, thy cannot find
Wander long, harsh and deprived
Only sees flames upon his pride
Thy trace his real face
To find the beauty inspire
Two souls, asleep in time
Without a powerful word heard
Feeling the essence of him
Rise like the roaring wind
Frowning tears, surface, in loneliness
Through the valleys deep
Across the mountains thy seek
Perseverance can only weep
As the sun of love tries to peep

Move into thyself
And end the misery
Joys of life are unconfined
Silence, an invisible wonder
Pity, no more gardens without flowers
Live, a long pretty human day
Grateful sky's follow thee home
To step into the blue oneness
Imagine the dark, a blushing light
Smiling tears of pleasant grip
Angel pureness shadows time
Trembling in humility, one roars
Like a weeping infant caught in amaze
To shine, a warm glow internally
Is to grow a worldly power to eternity

Dearest Daddy, Oh! Why, does this earth sleep. When the angels are there to peak. Break of day has no real peace. As truth humiliates the garden of roses. Hungry love wants to forgive but the human soul has hurt the moon. Tears fall down from yesterday. Eyes hollow ground weeps like an echo. Wind picks up the sound whilst wandering. Stars fall clumsily groaning, complaints. Aching heart, sees the deepest hell. Dreams can't be conveyed in the raging storm. A flood of rocks, darkens, hope's road. Oh! Daddy, dream's wings are found in the night. Roses brought in, gathered in fragrances deep. Hearts, rise and leap at the eternal essence. Hours, smile, a pleasant wish at the moon. Thought's strength, shoulders the burden. Summer's bones, seek nourishing love. Willing delights, brought forth in immense joy. Powerful unknown, cradles thy hope. Beauty's generous sense becomes one. As sweet flesh is grounded in, amazon light.

Dearest Daddy, Lovely gold moon rises high. I dream to be soft like the cloud. As that Angel guards my hour. Joy sounds in my sleep, unfolding, pouring out blessings of faultless love. Invisible spirits are merrily aware. Smiling down from the core of their heart. Brought to life like light in the sun. Wisdom's hunger lives passionately on. Eyes growing wide like eternal wonder. Heart's home appears as if laughing. Song's murmurs like breeze's gentle howl. Over flowing hunger reaches forward. To breathe in the sun. To breathe in the world. To be aware of its unsightly evils but to take it under your wing and put passion in that spring. To ride the high rope without a disguise. Making sure you have opinions in those eyes. To understand Daddy, the robust attitude without falling blind in altitude. To fly Daddy, to the unknown depths in the search of traditional dress. To distinguish all love in this rational quest. Allowing all stars to show them your best.

Dearest Daddy, Yes! again Daddy, to breathe in the sun, to breathe in the world. To be aware of its unsightly evils, in the sky's inhabited stars. To listen to one's heart is a genuine art. It's innocence lets off a variety of calm sparks. So completely unconfined in the joy of the divine. Merrily joy, sits at the top order, sprightly fine. Searching honesty possesses the feelings. Inclined time views imagination's true shine. Light's song is an evening blossom glowing. Honey humility keeps the feet energised. The simple cries and flowing tears shape and give signature to the true aspects of grace.

Dearest Daddy, Stars rolled out wide apart. Alone, they can free the senses to feel change. An eternal light of wilderness. Renewed visions rise like the sun. Shadow, never once coming undone. A garden of simplicity's peace beams. Among the joys, the gifts truly exposed. Eyelid's grace, senses the virgin beauty. Untouched, unspoilt, a tasty and sweet harvest. Mystery awake, Daddy, oceans echo back. Encompassing adoration in the vast tune. Hungry spring feeds us all, thy soul energy. Five senses bring forth the eternal love and the whole world watches, as we come home.

Dearest Daddy, Intelligence roams the world's spheres. It catches people unaware in its depth but the gift of man introduces another breed. One with a face and a character to conceive. For Daddy, the divine senses open up, when we trust our own belief to rise. For the little stars in the sky shine always and the big stars need a companion to sing. The biggest light is the one creation. Yes! Daddy, to test one's worth is to listen openly. For the perseverance of time displays courage. The aspect of reality is a combination of souls. One's complete heart is the nutriment of breath and the fulfilment becomes love fully dressed. Extraordinary people exist Daddy, in a still likeness. Embracing their true art of accomplishment. Truth's portrait breathes into thee like unity, without a price, one's forgiveness is one's love. Obedience of the sky's, is a vision of humanity. To delight in innocence, is the light, sweet. Mountains of torment keeps the earth fiery. Beauty's dream allows you to drink the joy. Feeling the flaming passion is like a comfort of sun. Determined form, a chance to fly rejoicing, Every colour of adversity bleeds real life. Happiness is taught Daddy, when one divine worth, sings.

Dearest Daddy, I'll leave you with these precious thoughts, why I think of you always taught. The first ray of hope. Oh, the power, of the ray. As it beams its greatness, straight at the heart and soul of man. Oh, how, it unearths them to believe in all good. The beauty of its depth, the courageousness of its beam. The ray, Daddy, of purity. The ray that holds us all up, as one unity. One breath Daddy, of love. The one ray embellished like a birth, never-ending. The eternal ray of warmth, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. The love will come, the love will open up and all will be given and received, in this power of love.

Love Always

Your Precious Daughter Of Poetic Make

Copywrite Wendy Brady