Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mean Doers By: Wendy Brady

The Mean Doers

Yell down defeat
As it restlessly appears
Don't stay foolish for anyone
It is this lift; that must now be spun

The wreckless mutineers are here
They hold grudges against their peers
They lay down a shield
Of terrifying claims

And roam searching
In the underground world
To restrain; like snakes in the grass
They hit while it lasts

They feel no mercy
They feel no heat
They just deliver a blow
Without even being, discreet

They have the keenest eyes
Of any man
And they run with an axe
In their hands

They are an elite group
Of wrongdoers
And they have no qualms
About who they fool

It is in their blood to fight
With pure distinction gloves
They feed off the hurt of earth
Overseeing battle scars, to the sound of fear

They fantasize about
Their next move
All the shallow dirt
They can remove

Walking within the deepness
Of their prey
They don't lose sight
Of their wishes, that stay

They swallow down hard
On any given day
All they can think of
Is who; will be there next; to pay

Trumpet roars
They flatten the door
The entrance is ignored
Astoundingly poor

The dead still
Of a heated night
The earth complains
A continual strife

Bleeds upon the ground
A sick red blood
No-one in their right mind
Wants to own

The good man has washed
The earth in a powerful display
Flooded out the pain
In no ordinary disdain

He has also, given to
New life to some
But caused havoc
To the wrong

The yield of love
Is a permanent game
Ties, the night sky
That has a world of worry

Power lines, trees are broken
Under nourished
Earth's scalp itches and scratches
Off the dead skin appeal

The gay world has no rights
The mean doers start all fights
They grit their teeth and begin the strife
Like the blackest of nights

They hurt anyone
In their way
And they are horrible creatures
Upon day

Their blood is a cold
Unwearied in feeling
No entity requisites
Lives in their veins

They run into our world
Without fire of passion
They have no urge
To respond to anything

Just a dark entrance
To their unknown empathy
They have no gifted wishes
They have no gifted sensory

They just rob their own virtues
From their natural skin
And throw them to oblivion
Never to involve them again

Their taste of life is dead
Poisoned, unfed
There is a gaping hole inside their heart
No beauty; no relevant spark

They manipulate
All in their awake
And tread on bodies
Up to late


  1. BDC, I can't work out how to edit this one, I will come back as I already see a mistake, love Wennie xxxhugs

  2. Thanks for posting my dear this is really good , I love getting in to your thoughts through the words you write, you are amazing. LOL, BDC

  3. Bdc please help me edit this one...